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The Powerful Weapon That Is The Silent Treatment

We need to talk about The Silent Treatment, the technique of sulking to make a…

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Why You Need to be Very Aware of Projection

“I know you better than you know yourself.” was one of my father’s favorite phrases*….

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A Lesson in Love that I Learned from my Child

Having a child changes you – unless, that is, you are a Narcissist. (Nothing changes…

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How do you overcome the sense of loss?

Emotional abuse creates a deep sense of loss.  It takes you into an acutely painful…

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Do You Blame Yourself for Not Trying Hard Enough?

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.” said Robert the Bruce,…

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Who Do You Think They Really Are

What makes it so hard to let go of an abusive, Narcissistic partner?  Where do…

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What Can I Do about an Abusive Grandparent?

What do you do about an abusive grandparent, parent or other senior? What happens when…

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The Question You Need to Ask Yourself About an Abuser

You don’t have to be with a narcissistic, emotional abuser for long before your sense…

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Three Things an Abuser Will Never Admit to You

 Did your induction into the crazy, skewed world of abusive people start in childhood? That…

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