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No, Your Abusive Partner Was Not Your Fault

Abused empaths take responsibility for everything that happens to them – regardless of whether it…

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The Hidden Cost of The Good Times in a Narcissistic Relationship

 How do you accept that something that started out so good could turn to dust…

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When You Still Love an Emotional Abuser

 “But I still love them…” say so many ex-partners of emotional abusers. These partners can…

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How do you heal from emotional abuse?

How do you heal from emotional abuse? is a question that I get asked a…

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How much neglect have you suffered in your life?

Have you suffered with neglect in your life?  Before you even answer that, take a…

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Why Emotionally Abusive Love Is Not Real Love – 12 Key Differences

Emotionally abusive love is different Emotionally abusive love is a weird thing.  You have a…

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What’s really going on?

Emotionally abused women must be the most loving, generous-hearted, forgiving people on the planet…  Or…

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Have You Struggled with a Complicated Relationship?

Have you ever been in a complicated relationship?  If so, did you tell yourself that…

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What Makes Valentine’s Day So Toxic?

What kind of a relationship have you had with Valentine’s Day? And what useful information…

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