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Emotional abuse is so subtle

“I didn’t realise that it was emotional abuse because it was just so subtle.” is…

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Do I Really Have to Move On?

“Do I really have to move on?” is a question that haunts and confounds the…

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I Have No Confidence After Emotional Abuse

“I have no confidence after emotional abuse”, my client said.  “I have no confidence in…

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7 Hidden Costs of All Toxic Relationships

Do you ever feel angry, ashamed, broken or despairing?  Do you ever look at other…

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What Would Make You More Emotionally Resilient?

 In all my years working with survivors of emotional abuse, not one client has ever…

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New Year’s Resolution for Old Hurts

How was New Year’s Day for you? When I was with the wasband, New Year’s…

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It can be Christmas every day – and more

 It is, of course, that time of year again when all of us are meant…

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7 Powerful Life Lessons from Loving an Abusive Narcissist

Loving an abusive Narcissist is an experience that turns on its head everything you ever…

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How Do You Get Other People to See the Truth?

Anyone who ever leaves an emotionally abusive relationship, faces a shedload of problems. Not least…

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