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Love Is All You Need… Or Is It?

At some point, every one of us has longed for that fuzzy ultimate feel-good sense…

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“Denial Is Not A River In Egypt”

Denial isn’t a river in Egypt. It’s actually a snowball hurtling down a steep slope,…

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“How Can I Feel Good About Myself?!

How then can you feel good about yourself, when you feel terrible? By consciously employing the same process to create the result that you desire, that someone else used to control and diminish you.
That process is language. You know it works, because of the havoc it has wreaked on you.

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“Oops! I Did It Again” – when another relationship turns sour

So you are licking your wounds. Your relationship came to a bad end. Your fairy…

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Are You A ‘Hopium’ Addict

Addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling are easy enough to identify. The addiction to emotionally and physically abusive behaviour is generally far less readily identifiable, at least to the woman who is on the receiving end of it.

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Mental Abuse – The 7 Most Important Things To Know

1. Sticks and stones won’t break my bones” – and words won’t leave any measurable physical damage,…

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You MUST Recover From Emotional Abuse – Here’s Why

Do you ever think about the reasons why you matter? In this article we need…

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