“Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband? And How to Avoid the Jerks Creeps & Players.

Learn. Laugh. Live Happy.

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The Must-Read Book for Anyone Who Has Ever Had A Delightful Pet – And A Difficult Partner

You’ll learn:

  • How you can make your man really sit up and listen to you.
  • How to choose a pedigree partner and sniff out the rogue breeds – before they break your heart
  • Why you need to mark out your territory (aka boundaries) and exactly how to do that.
  • How to know when you have bitten off more than you can chew.
  • How to have quality men eating our of your hand!

About the Author

Annie Kaszina Ph.D. was a long-term relationship disaster. Until the day that her long-term partner insisted she choose between him and the dog.

Then the light finally dawned and she realized that it made sense to choose a partner at least as carefully as she chose her dog.

Now blessed with a delightful, well-behaved dog – and an even more delightful long-term partner - Annie has spent 15 years, as a writer, speaker and relationship coach teaching women to value themselves and show up in their own lives as the special woman a good man will cherish.

Transformational answers to knotty relationship problems including,

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  • How to spot a deal-breaker before it bites you on the backside
  • Why does my man do that?
  • How to find your “Best in Show”
  • Secrets of Effective Communication in “Man”
  • How to mark out your territories – by creating effective boundaries.

What they say about the book


“From cover to cover, you will laugh and love the insights you’re getting from Dr. Annie Kaszina about the most important relationship in your life.”

Leil Lowndes
Bestselling author of “How to Talk to Anyone”


“This is the funniest book on relationships you are ever likely to read. Not only is this book filled with starting insights from Annie’s years as a therapist. It is also laugh-out-loud funny at times.”

Stephanie J Hale
Best-selling author of “Celebrity Authors’ Secrets”

dr Shshana Garfield

“I LOVED this book. I laughed, and I cringed and laughed as I read about the pitfalls that we women are so vulnerable to stepping into. Although I am now in a very happy relationship, I very much saw the way I used to be in a new, and accurate, light. If you are in a relationship, have been in one or want to be in one, this book will enhance your life.

Dr Shoshana Garfield
Psychologist and Crisis Management Coach

“A relationship book with brains, heart, humour and an implementation plan.”

John Donnelly
The Machiavellian Troubleshooter

“I struggled for years choosing me I wouldn’t even trust my dog to but now with Dr Kaszina’s book no one has an excuse not to be in a healthy relationship. Brilliantly written and heartbreakingly relatable.

Barbara Davilman
Producer and Author of “How to Raise A Jewish Dog”

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