Are you sick and tired of feeling too BROKEN to heal from the trauma of abuse?

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Would you like to know how to get back to
The Woman You Want To Be

Battling with self-blame, anxiety, shame and despair is exhausting. 

It gets in the way of you doing what really matters - sorting out your life, your finances and your future.  But if you spend most of the time locked in a battle with your own feelings, how can you NOT struggle to to move forward?

 This 10 Step System will guide along a year-long journey of healing.

  •  Designed to keep you upbeat and motivated for a whole year.
  •  Specially crafted by an abuse survivor and specialist abuse recovery coach to be SUPER EASY for other abuse survivors to follow - even when they are feeling low.
  •  Starts from where you are and guides you step-by-step along your journey back to YOU.
  • A powerful antidote to fear, procrastination and self-doubt.

About the Author

“The Woman You Want to Be is the book that Annie Kaszina Ph.D. never even imagined writing.

By the time she finally left her abusive husband, Annie thought  she was on the scrap-heap. She felt too old, tired, broken and worthless ever to have a life worth living. Her chief concern was breaking the mold of abuse for her daughter.

As she worked on her own recovery, Annie discovered gifts and talents that had lain dormant through the long years of abuse.

Now, blessed with a truly loving partner and a fulfilling career, Annie works to help other women discover just how rewarding life can be post-abuse.

A must-read for any woman
who needs to fall back int love with life.

You are not so broken that you cannot put yourself back together and be a more beautiful, resilient version of yourself.
  • Allow your spirit to soar.
  • Reclaim your own voice.
  • Believe that you have something special to offer to others.
  • Have faith in your own strength and worth
  • Look forward to a joyful future.

What other women say about
The Woman You Want to Be

"I see now that I do have the resources"

“I started on Tuesday. I really appreciate the honest, positive material and my frame of mind has improved quite a bit already.I see now that I do have the resources within me to overcome it and learn from it and have a happier, peaceful, life as a strong woman and take a stand against such abuse.”

Mary F, 15 years in an abusive marriage.

My anxiety is down  70%"

I started The Woman You Want to Be 3 weeks ago.  Many things have started to change for me. After the first week my anxiety is down 70%. I do not completely understand how this is working but the important thing is that it is working. I know I have a very, very long way to go to function the way I need to but I am optimistic and have hope. I want to be a good role model for my daughter.

Tonya W. survivor of an abusive marriage and mother of 1 daughter.

"My anxiety is down  70%"

Your book is giving me much strength and support that I have failed to find anywhere!!

Lisa N.  survivor of a toxic relationship coping with depression and health issues.

"The most valuable recovery tool"

“Your book is the most valuable recovery tool I have used."

Kris F, survivor of abusive parents and 3 abusive relationships. 

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